Everything we did was all to make sure that every person who walked through our doors would have a jolly good time, whether there's something to celebrate with the family, a much needed catch up with chums or just a place to relax after a spot of shopping or before a trip to the cinema or theatre!

We've been absolutely flabbergasted by all of the spiffing things everybody has had to say about our home & our people. We've even picked up some pretty special awards along the way too? winning 'Best New Venue' in 2015 and 'Best City Centre Experience' in 2016 at the Nottingham Post Food & Drink Awards. We've also won the International Restaurant & Bar Design Award along the way!


It’s not only the fish and potatoes we use in our kitchen that we take such care over selecting. Our farmers are true experts at growing our potatoes of choice, Maris Piper!

Our fishermen navigate the crystal clear waters of the Norwegian Fjords in search of the freshest wild cod. They freeze the catch onboard to guarantee that your fish stays fresh. Haddock is caught in Peterhead, in a good ole Blighty! When the fish arrives ashore, where we fry test them to make sure they’re ready for the journey to your plate.

Our development chef is always on the lookout for the most splendid ingredients he can get his hands on and that’ll really do the dishes he is working on justice! Every single dish that he dreams up will always have some personal inspiration from his marvellous experiences and adventures that he’s had along the way… and that’s what we ruddy love, after all, it’s our people that make our kitchen’s what they are!
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  • Chopping Board
  • Farm Land
  • Seedss
Only The Best Will Do


Everything that we do, we do to the very best of our ability! We don’t believe in this microwave meals malarkey and so in our kitchen, you will only ever find the best possible quality ingredients, cooked fresh by our rather marvellous chefs!