New Drinks Menu

28th July 2016

We know how much you folks love cocktails, and so we’ve worked really hard on making sure that our selection of delectable tipples is simply SPIFFING! Whether it’s a gin cocktail or a vodka one you fancy, we have something for everyone!

But it’s not just our cocktails selection that’s had a tad of a makeover. If you’re a beer lover, we have some new exciting options for you, too!

We’re really chuffing excited about our new beers, ciders and something a little in-between. Our new Hooper’s bevvies are simply DELECTABLE and come in various flavours. Choose from Lemonade, Dandelion & Burdock or Plum & Sloe!

Alcohol doesn’t tickle your fancy! No worries… Our new mocktails will certainly tick the box!

Candy Annie has proven to be our all-time best selling cocktail and seeing as you ladies and gents love it so much, we thought it’s only fair to have it available as a mocktail, too. That’s why we came up with Candy Baby… same delicious taste, but without the alcohol!

Have a gander at our splendid drinks menu here

George’s team xo